You may NOT qualify for Medicaid. Compare Your Options

To qualify for Medicaid, you must meet specific eligibility requirements that vary by state:
  1. You must be considered categorically needy due to blindness, disability, and/or age
  2. You must be financially needy. This means that your income and your assets must fall under a certain limit set by the state in which you live.
*NOTE: Medicaid does not provide medical assistance for all people with limited incomes and resources. Even under the broadest provisions of the Federal statute (except for emergency services for certain persons), the Medicaid program does not provide health care services for everyone. You must qualify for Medicaid. Low-income is only one test for Medicaid eligibility. There are other established thresholds that vary state by state that must also be met.

Alternatives to Medicaid

There are many discount health plans and low cost health insurance plans that may meet your healthcare needs. These plans are available for many folks including:
  1. Low income families
  2. Seniors
  3. People with pre-existing health conditions

Discount Health Plans & Low Cost Insurance

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